6 Benefits of Setting Boundaries

6 Benefits of Setting Boundaries

  Boundaries are rules or guidelines that you create to show others how to treat you. Relationships work best when we are clear about our expectations and needs. We can show ourselves and others respect by setting clear, consistent boundaries.   Setting boundaries is a struggle for a lot of people. I’m not going to […]

6 Effective Ways to Deal with Criticism

6 Effective Ways to Deal with Criticism

  Nobody likes criticism, but some of us are particularly sensitive to it. Do you take it personally if your boss tells you to be quiet during a meeting? Does it ruin your day if someone gives you a judgmental glare when your child throws a tantrum? Do you feel like a failure when a client rejects your proposal? […]

How to Challenge Cognitive Distortions

How to Challenge Cognitive Distortions

  Challenge Cognitive Distortions The key components of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are to 1) identify your cognitive distortions, 2) challenge the distorted thoughts, and 3) replace cognitive distortions (aka thinking errors) with more accurate thoughts, beliefs, and self-talk. CBT is based on the understanding that your thoughts affect your feelings and behavior and your […]

It's OK to be Sad on Valentines Day

Sad on Valentine’s Day?

This post contains an affiliate link. If you’re feeling sad on Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone. Valentine’s Day can be a depressing holiday for a lot of people. We all know that we don’t need a special day to express our love or cherish our partners. Valentine’s Day may be a “Hallmark holiday”, but none […]

How to Reduce Anxiety by Grounding Yourself

Reduce Anxiety by Grounding Yourself

What is anxiety? Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems in the United States. Even if you don’t meet the clinical criteria for an anxiety disorder, I’m sure you’ve experienced some of the hallmark symptoms from time to time: uncontrollable worry trouble concentrating insomnia rumination or obsessive thoughts muscle tension stomach aches, […]

3 Simple Breathing Exercises to Reduce Anxiety

3 Simple Breathing Exercises to Reduce Anxiety

Breathing Exercises to Reduce Anxiety and  Stress   Breathing is my favorite strategy for anxiety and stress relief. It’s quick, easy, free, and you can do it anywhere.   I’m going to teach you three very simple breathing exercises to reduce anxiety, but you don’t actually need any particular technique to relieve stress. You can […]

Why You Should Stop Trying to Please Everyone

6 Big Problems with People-Pleasing (and How to Stop Trying to Please Everyone)

Kyle is a classic people-pleaser. He’s been dating Lucy for four years and hopes to marry her. From the beginning, Lucy has been clear that she wants Kyle to attend church with her and finish college.  Kyle isn’t particularly interested in church and isn’t sure he even believes in God, but be attends every week. He flunked out of college […]

13 Common Cognitive Distortions. Negative automatic thoughts, distorted thoughts, CBT challenge negative thinking errors.

13 Common Cognitive Distortions

What are cognitive distortions? Cognitive distortions are also known as thinking errors, thinking distortions, irrational thoughts, distorted thoughts, and negative automatic thoughts. Cognitive distortions are ways that you twist up your thinking to see yourself, your situation, and other people in a negative light. They’re basically your mind playing tricks on you; convincing you that […]

The Difference between Coaching and Therapy

What’s the Difference Between Coaching and Counseling?

Coaching vs. Counseling Many people wonder whether they would benefit from coaching or from psychotherapy or counseling.  If you’re confused about the difference between coaching and therapy, you’re not alone! Coaching and therapy serve two distinct purposes but there is a fair amount of overlap, so it can be confusing. Coaching and Counseling or Therapy […]