Setting Boundaries Without Guilt:
A Workbook to Move Your from Doormat to Empowerment

Setting Boundaries Workbook

Are you tired to trying to make everyone else happy? 

Do you feel guilty when you say "no" or let someone down?

Do people walk all over you?

Do you feel resentful about all your obligations? 


It's possible to set boundaries in a clear, consistent, and kind manner -- without guilt and feeling like you're a bad or uncaring person. This setting boundaries workbook will teach you the skills you need to set healthy boundaries, take care of yourself, and create fulfilling relationships with others.


Setting Boundaries Without Guilt was written for: This workbook is for adults who identify as people-pleasers or who wonder if they are. In particular, it is for all who struggle to set boundaries, are riddled with guilt when they do, and have a hard time saying "No".


The book will help you:

  • Increase self-confidence and self-acceptance
  • Become more assertive
  • Identify your particular people-pleasing behaviors
  • Understand the origins of your people-pleasing
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Let go of guilt
  • Say "No"
  • Manage stress and anxiety that result from setting boundaries with difficult people


Format: Setting Boundaries Without Guilt is an e-book that you will download and save to your computer.

You will receive a downloadable PDF designed to be printed (79 pages) and a free BONUS fillable version designed to be completed completely online!

Download the complete workbook + bonus fillable version now for $22.


Sample Pages


If you’re someone who worries about how people will react when you express your opinion or say no to a request, I highly recommend this workbook from Sharon Martin, LCSW! Sharon clearly explains setting boundaries and describes the factors that get in the way of being comfortable with speaking our truth. This workbook will help you identify what’s getting in the way and make changes so you can stop worrying about what other people think and speak your mind.”

Laura Reagan, LCSW-C Psychotherapist and host of the Therapy Chat podcast

“Sharon Martin is a true expert in codependency. This workbook is a powerful exploration of people-pleasing and how to set boundaries with powerful yet gentle exercises to explore how codependency impacts relationships at its core. Each exercise is easy to do and will increase your awareness around codependency symptoms. I highly recommend diving into this treasure of knowledge for those eager to heal. Sharon is a master at teaching these concepts and making them understandable and easy to practice.”

Michelle Farris, LMFT Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and owner of Counseling Recovery


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