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Guest mental health bloggers wanted at Live Well with Sharon Martin

Thank you for your interest in writing a guest post for SharonMartinCounseling.com or LiveWellWithSharonMartin.com. Below are the guest post guidelines:

  • We are currently only accepting posts written by mental health professionals.
  • Ideal posts are 500-1200 words and focus on:

*coping with anxiety or depression
* mindfulness
* codependency
* healthy relationships
* self-compassion
* authenticity and self-acceptance
* happiness
* habits
* understanding and/or expressing emotions
* substance abuse
* grief/loss
* dealing with change or transitions
* productivity, procrastination, or motivation
* gratitude
* positive psychology
* CBT, DBT, or ACT
* book reviews on any of these topics

  • When you submit a post, you understand and agree that I will lightly edit most posts to best suit my audience. This includes the title and links (which may be added or subtracted).
  • Please note whether your post has been previously published. You are welcome to republish it after 72 hrs. of our publication.
  • Do not submit images, other than your head shot.
  • Include a brief bio (including links to your website, social media, or anything else you wish to promote) and head shot.
  • We appreciate your willingness to promote the post on social media.
  • We do not compensate for guest posts.
  • Unfortunately, not all submissions will be a good fit. You should receive a response within two weeks.
  • Complete and edited posts should be submitted as Word or Google Documents (sorry, no pitches) to info@LiveWellwithSharonMartin.com.