Is Perfectionism Sabotaging Your Self-Care?

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Is perfectionism sabotaging your self-care? Don't let guilt and perfectionism impede your self-care.

  Perfectionists suck at self-care. We’re much more concerned with goals and accomplishments than with our own wellbeing. Sometimes, we’re so busy that we don’t even realize that our drive to please people, avoid criticism, and prove we’re “good enough” is destroying our mental and physical health. Are You a Perfectionist? Perfectionists have impossibly high […]

6 Ways to Change All-Or-Nothing Thinking

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6 Ways to Change All-or-Nothing Thinking and Cognitive Distortions

Are you an all-or-nothing thinker? Perhaps you see yourself as a success or a failure, attractive or disgusting, smart or stupid. And you see others as with you or against you, right or wrong, thoughtful or selfish. Seeing things as absolutes, black or white with no shades of gray in between, can leave you feeling […]