Seeking Self-Forgiveness

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Seeking Self-Forgiveness: How to Forgive Yourself Using Self-Compassion

  Seeking Self-Forgiveness: How to Forgive Yourself and Put an End to Self-Criticism Using Self-Compassion. As perfectionists and codependents, we tend to be overly self-critical. Sometimes we make significant mistakes, we hurt others, we screw things up in a big way, and need to apologize and make amends. However, often we’re harsh with ourselves for […]

Toxic Shame and How to Overcome It

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Healing from Toxic Shame

  What is toxic shame? Shame is often confused with guilt. Sometimes we use the terms interchangeably, but they mean different things. Guilt is the bad feeling you have when you’ve done something wrong. And if you’ve actually done something wrong, like run into your neighbor’s car, then you should feel bad. Guilt, in this […]

Increase Happiness with 6 Positive Psychology Hacks

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Increase happiness with positive psychology

  Increase happiness Are you feeling discouraged about your health, your job, or the political climate in our country? Are you worried about a loved one who is struggling? Do you feel stuck in a toxic or unfulfilling relationship? Are you lonely or wondering if you’ll ever find the one? You’re certainly not alone in […]

9 Practical Ways to Love Yourself

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Practical Ways to Love Yourself and practice self-compassion

  Life can be hard. We all screw up sometimes. We get frustrated and lose our temper. We regret things said or left unsaid. Our children struggle with learning disabilities or anxiety or any number of things. We hurt deep inside about harm caused to us as children. Our loved ones die. We get laid-off […]