Codependents’ Guide to Detaching with Love

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Detaching with Love

  What is detaching with love? Detaching (or detaching with love) is a core component of codependency recovery. If you often feel worried about a loved one, disappointed or upset by their choices, or like your emotions revolve around whether they’re “doing well” or not, then detaching with love can help you. According to the […]

7 Reasons It’s Hard to End Codependent Relationships

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7 Reasons it's Hard to End Codependent Relationships

  Why is it so hard to end codependent relationships? Codependency is a hard pattern to break. Even when you’re aware of it, it’s not uncommon to repeat the same type of codependent relationships, behaviors, and thoughts.  This is in part because codependency is learned in childhood – so it’s well-practiced and feels natural. But […]