Love Your Life Coaching

Are you constantly overwhelmed and stressed? Are you paralyzed by overthinking and indecision? Are you stuck in self-sabotage and unhealthy habits?

Sharon offers focused coaching to help you reach your goals, manage worry and overwhelm, start prioritizing yourself, and love your life again!

The coaching I do is short-term and focused on a particular issue, problem, or question. It's present focused and goal oriented. For example, coaching might address the specific question of how to set boundaries with your mother by helping you create a plan and develop strategies for setting boundaries and dealing with boundary violations. Coaching wouldn't explore the history of your relationship with your mother or work on resolve unresolved issues from the past.

It's important to recognize that coaching is not the same as counseling or psychotherapy. Counseling treats a mental health or substance abuse problem. Coaching is not a healthcare service and therefore is not reimbursable by insurance. Coaching focuses on the present and future, it does not delve into the past to resolve issues from the past or seek to understand root causes of behaviors. If you are not sure whether you need counseling or coaching, please read this article or call me for clarification.

Coaching sessions are generally conducted through Skype, although you can come to the office if you're local. Most of my clients use 1-3 coaching sessions to address a specific issue or question.

Life coaching with Sharon can help you:

  • Build confidence
  • Create positive habits
  • Gain self-understanding
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Improve communication skills and relationships
  • Set boundaries
  • Practice self-compassion
  • Push past mental blocks to success
  • Set goals for your professional and personal life
  • Create positive results in your life
  • Overcome burnout
  • Create a self-care plan
  • Improve work-life balance

What you can expect from life coaching:

  • Help setting specific goals
  • Accountability
  • Identifying roadblocks
  • Practical solutions
  • Honest feedback
  • Experienced guidance
Sharon Martin Motivational Speaker Author

Please note: I am not currently accepting new coaching clients


$180 per single coaching session (50 minutes)

$100 per 30-minute session (for established clients as maintenance)

Freelance Writing

Sharon is a free-lance writer specializing in self-help, psychology, emotional and mental health content. She draws on her years of work as a psychotherapist to provide deep, meaningful strategies and tools.

Mental Health Media Interviews

Sharon Martin is a trusted source for mental health and emotional wellness advice. She’s frequently asked to contribute to print and online publications and has been a guest on numerous podcasts.

Sharon particularly enjoys speaking about:

  • Perfectionism
  • Codependency
  • Boundaries
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Communication Skills
  • Self-Care
  • Burnout Prevention
  • Stress Management

Everything you need to live well and love your life

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See what others are saying

Sharon Martin’s new e-book– Navigating the Codependency Maze: A Path to Freedom and Healthy Love  is a wonderful tool for anyone who struggles with wanting healthy relationships but doesn’t know how to begin that journey, either on their own or with a trusted therapist or coach.  Sharon’s language is kind, non-judgmental, yet never shies away from being straightforward. This book takes the reader from an understanding of the concept of what is co-dependency through chapters that carefully lay out steps to begin the healing journey, to resources and worksheets that will support the work.  If you are looking for healthy relationships with others and most importantly yourself, this is a wonderful place to start.

Charlotte Hiler Easley, LCSW, ESMHL

If you’re someone who worries about how people will react when you express your opinion or say no to a request, I highly recommend this workbook from Sharon Martin, LCSW! Sharon clearly explains setting boundaries and describes the factors that get in the way of being comfortable with speaking our truth. This workbook will help you identify what’s getting in the way and make changes so you can stop worrying about what other people think and speak your mind.”

Laura Reagan, LCSW-C Psychotherapist and host of the Therapy Chat podcast

“Sharon Martin is a true expert in codependency. This workbook is a powerful exploration of people-pleasing and how to set boundaries with powerful yet gentle exercises to explore how codependency impacts relationships at its core. Each exercise is easy to do and will increase your awareness around codependency symptoms. I highly recommend diving into this treasure of knowledge for those eager to heal. Sharon is a master at teaching these concepts and making them understandable and easy to practice.”

Michelle Farris, LMFT Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and owner of Counseling Recovery
“It never fails – almost daily, I address something in session with my client(s) & I end up coming across 1 or multiple blog postings of yours that speaks to the very things we talked about in their sessions that day. I’ve forwarded so many of your posts to so many of my clients. As you reach out & share your posts with us on Facebook, you are sharing through me. I truly appreciate you & your writing.” – Gina Martin, LPC
Gina Martin, LPC
“Sharon was well prepared with excellent material that spoke directly to the needs of the people she was sharing with….She asked for interaction with people throughout the presentation always responded with great follow-up responses and integrated it into her topic of stress management. I highly recommend Sharon Martin in this capacity!” – Lisa Jacobs, organizer of the Limitless Women’s Retreat
Lisa Jacobs
“Sharon has been my Clinical Supervisor and mentor for 5 years now.  She is a consummate professional.  I have learned strong clinical skills from her from diagnosing to case management  plus all-important boundary-setting.  Sharon has seen me thru some very trying cases and professional situations.  I trust her judgment and guidance implicitly.  With her unwavering encouragement I continue to grow into my full potential as a practicing professional.” — Joanie Santos, MSW
Joanie Santos, MSW
“Sharon Martin, LCSW, is not only one of my favorite columnists on the Good Men Project, but a true voice for therapists who write and need to perfect their voices for an cyber-audience. Her weekly writing always inspires and touches the lives of thousands, and she has an amazing ability to perfect a point that the reader could and usually does need to read regarding a whole host of existential dilemmas. I’m excited each week to see what she is writing and…I’m proud to have her in my circle of writers.” — Jeremy McKeen, Lead Editor at The Good Men Project
Jeremy McKeen Lead Editor, The Good Men Project